Listening Habits
on Friday April 18th, 2008 at 4:25 PM CST under Ideas

So I have decided to write scripts to display my iTunes listening habits on this website. I wrote a script last year [sample], that would take the last 50 songs and put it on my web-server, but I lost that script, and I will have to write everything all over. I improved it to display the album art extracted from the itunes xml files. I am thinking about adding some of these features:

  • Display songs with artist, album and album art info.
  • Have a simple jscript to display the current song playing. If no song is being played, then it should display the appropriate msg.
  • Try to show the next song, if the playlist is not in random mode
  • Be able to update the page, no matter where I play the song on my notebook

A few applications are available to do this, but they are not very customizable or configurable according to my needs. And it would be a good exercise and review of xml and xslt programming. Ideas are welcome

Things to do
on Monday April 14th, 2008 at 6:24 PM CST under Ideas
Right now the blog page is very basic, but I will soon be adding the following features:
  • Display last 10 blog entries only
  • Display blog entries under categories, such as personal, unix/linux, voip, security, ideas, and how-tos
  • Make the website a little bit faster.

I will soon be adding more details on my projects page.
Enjoy your stay!

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