How to reset Windows 2008 Domain Administrator Account Password
on Monday June 30th, 2008 at 5:27 PM CST under Howto

As a student of computer security, I can't emphasize enough about physical security. This little exercise would allow you to gain domain administrative access if you have no physical security.

This tutorial would show you how to reset domain administrator's password if you have lost or forgotten it. Microsoft allows you to create a floppy for password reseting, but who remembers to make a floppy! That too in 2008 - a floppy! So far, I haven't come across anything similar to this on the Internet. All my google searches return password reseting techniques for Windows 2003 and before.

This simple tutorial will show you how to reset Windows 2008 Domain administrator's password. You will need a linux rescue CD, e.g. PLD Linux to perform this exercise. Click on the image below to play the tutorial.

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